Life in Yucatan - Retire for Less
and Live the Good Life in Mexico

Yucatan is a vacationers' paradise...but have you ever thought of it as your perfect retirement location?

You may be getting ready to retire and realizing your dollar isn't stretching as much as it used to. I've found that the Yucatan peninsula is the perfect retirement location - in this beautiful tropical land you can:

- Retire for a lot less cash
- Retire earlier than you may think
- Live a higher lifestyle than most people do in retirement

I'm here to educate and prepare you for the decisions you will make and help minimize any difficulties in your transition into retirement.

Urban legend has it that purchasing property in Mexico can be difficult, but this changed in the 1990’s when the Mexican government realized that the revolutionary laws were stifling foreign investment. The national government adjusted the laws to facilitate foreign investment.

yucatan beach patio

Until 1993, it was difficult, but possible, for a foreigner to own property within the “protected zone”. The “protected zone” is within 31 miles of the beach and covers most of the area attractive to Americans. Since then it has become possible for foreigners to purchase and own property in one of the following manners. Currently the two ways for you, as a foreigner, to own property is through a fideicomiso or through incorporation (Sociedad) which we will discuss further.

Dealing with language barriers, the complex legal system and a myriad of cultural differences requires one to have a flexible personality and open... yet willing to educate and protect yourself by working with a competent, fluent and knowledgeable service.

In Yucatan you can live very well on $1500 a month, having purchased a home and vehicle. It is important to separate a home and vehicle and not figure their purchase into the equation of living expenses but as an initial expense, although, as I will show you, these can be very affordable.

Purchasing a home is of significant consideration since where you choose to live in the Yucatan peninsula will greatly affect your lifestyle. Living on the beach, as my wife and I have decided to do, may require a considerable initial investment, but not always, as you will see, but if you're looking for that laid back life and having purchased a home, and having a car, your monthly expenses can be minimal. on Facebook

Furnishing and setting up your home can also be difficult to the newcomer although with the new shopping malls and Home Depots, setting up has been greatly facilitated. We also have a service available that will transport you to the stores and also to the actual factories to purchase at a reduced price.

Take a look at this video and read on!

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