Chicxulub "Fisherman’s Villa" Condo Opportunity

The Chicxulub "Fisherman´s Villa" condos are located on the beautiful northern coast of the Yucatán Peninsula, between the towns of Chicxulub Puerto (to the west) and Telchac Puerto (to the east). It is only 6 miles away from the Puerto de Progreso (Port of Progreso) where many of the international cruise lines dock, and 25 Mi./ 40 Km from the city of Mérida. Merida is the capital city of Yucatan and is a delightful mixture of old colonial charm and modern amenities.

Chicxulub, condos, fisherman's villa

The “FISHERMAN´S VILLA” opportunity will consist of a compound of eight four-level towers, each tower with a total of 8 units.

Each tower will have 2 separate condominiums in each level: A. One with a living room, kitchen, guest bath, 3 bedrooms each with a bathroom and a balcony, terrace and laundry room. B. The other condominium will consist of: living room, dining room, kitchen, guest bath, 4 bedrooms each with a bathroom, and 2 balconies. Additionally, each tower will have stairs, hallways, an elevator, a rooftop viewing area, and resting areas from where it will be possible to watch and enjoy both the beautiful beach and the “cienaga” with its mangroves, flamingos, and many exotic birds.

Common areas of the development will consist of: swimming pools, walking lanes, terraces, sunbathing hammocks, green areas with regional plants, an access control booth, parking lot, common services, a water purification system, etc.

The development will also have maintenance offices within its grounds, and services for the tenants such as: convenience stores, drugstores, transport services (to be hired by event), etc.

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Chicxulub, condos, FISHERMAN´S VILLA


There are many places of interest located close to Chicxulub "FisherMan´s Villa":

Distance from Chicxulub "Fisherman's Villa"

Puerto Progreso - 6.2 Mi./ 10 Km.

Telchac Puerto - 20 Mi./ 32 Km.

CHICHÉN ITZA (Archaeological site) - 100 Mi./ 160 Km.

UXMAL (Archaeological site) - 80 Mi./ 130 Km.

Campeche (Colonial City) - 174 Mi./ 210 Km.

International Airport - 25 Mi./ 40 Km.

Hospitals - 25 Mi. / 40 Km.

Commercial Centers/Shopping Malls - 25 Mi./ 40 Km.

Golf courses - 18 Mi./ 30 Km.


The Chicxulub “Fisherman´s Villa” project is located on a piece of land with 120 meters along the highway, by 350 meters depth. The highway connects the towns of Progreso and Telchac Puerto (and their beautiful beaches).

This land is located approximately 80 meters from the beach front, in the section called “second tier”, which gives the land security, and excellent accessibility to the beautiful beach as well as a magnificent view of the “cienaga” with its mangroves, flamingos and a vast amount of birds unique to the region; all of these elements provide this land with an excellent location.

It is common to find a great amount of unique plants on or near the property. They are unique to Chicxulub and the northern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula, such as the “beach grape”, the “purple prickly pear”, the coconut palms amongst others, all representative of the Yucatecan flora.

All of this constitutes an integral part of the project and we will make a point of preserving it with your help!

VPI Construction and Remodeling

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Final Features and Construction

The plan is to build and provide each Chicxulub condominium tower with first class features; this means, residential-type final finishes with complete installations to provide the tenants with the maximum level of comfort.

Structures: construction and foundations made of concrete, developed in 4 levels, with joists, columns, and roof top coverings made of reinforced concrete.

Final finishes: acrylic paint on walls and ceilings painted with vinyl and/or coordinated colors; vitrified ceramic floors both in interiors and common areas within the habitational towers along with vitrified tiles in kitchen and bathroom walls.

Aluminum finishes: Sliding aluminum windows and tinted glass in chancellery and windows.

Wooden carpentry: doors and frames made of cedar or mahogany wood, with laminations of the same material. Full closets with doors, drawers and shelves made of the same type of wood.

Hydraulic installations: water lines of C.P.V.C. pipes with the proper diameters; copper and bronze valves and connectors of prime quality using internationally recognized brands.

Sanitary installations: sanitary lines of P.V.C., with diameters according to the service and destination of each section, directly connected to the water purification system which will comply with all the sanitary requirements imposed by the local authorities (Conagua, Semarnat, Profepa, etc.).

Bathroom, kitchen cabinets and equipment: low-tank W.C.´s fabricated with low water consumption, wash basins embedded in granite countertops or in regional hard stone, with bronze faucets of quality national brands for residential lines. Integral kitchens with wooden drawers and coverings resistant to humid environments; Ceramic wash basins and/or stainless steel depending on the model to installed.

Electric installations: hidden electric lines in PVC tubes and embedded in the concrete walls, with conductors (cables) of covered bronze in sizes according to circuit requirements. An electric substation will be installed in each of the condominium towers, in order to satisfy the estimated demand to be generated by each condominium.

Illumination, contacts and controls: embedded lamps in walls and tiles with energy-saving bulbs, grounded contacts of quality national brands, on and off switches, illumination and electric flow controls of national brands that comply with all the norms and regulations established by the Federal Commission of Electricity.

Air conditioning equipment: every apartment will have electric installations and drainage for the installation of Mini Split type air conditioning equipments, which will be acquired by the tenant or buyer of the apartment.

Elevator: each condominium tower will have an OTIS automatic elevator, or its equivalent in quality, which will make 4 stops (one in each level) with specifications according to the service to be provided.

Exterior Common Areas:

Parking lot: Each apartment will have, as part of the acquisition package, two parking spaces by the building door. Additionally, the parking lot will have other parking spaces for visitors and employees that need access to the compound.

Chicxulub, condos, FISHERMAN´S VILLA

• Swimming pools with terraces, sand boxes, sunbathing hammocks, a tennis court and a multiple use court.

• Common area bathrooms near the swimming pool area, and other exterior areas.

These terraces and exterior walking lanes will be built above the natural ground level, and the material to be used will be regional hard wood, so that the natural flora and animal life of the region can be preserved and so that they continue to live harmoniously.

Chicxulub, condos

Co-Existence Regulation (Condo Rules, etc)

The real estate purchase contract also includes the “Condominium Regimen” and the “Coexistence Regulation”; these are the documents in which the reach and rights of private property are stated for each of the Chicxulub residential units (condominiums), as well as the participation and percentage ownership of each tenant of the common areas and installations.

The “Coexistence Regulation” contains the rights and obligations for each of the tenants, in order to achieve the harmonious function of each residential unit; amongst these rights and obligations are stated, in an enunciatively but not limited manner, the following concepts:

• Proceedings to elect the Board of Administration for the residential Chicxulub complex and the duration period for each elected board, as well as the proceedings to follow in the renovation of said board.

• The manner through which the assignment of fees for maintenance and functioning of the common areas and installations are to be determined for each tenant, such as swimming pools, terraces, cost of operating the water purifying system, cost of electricity for the equipment of common areas, the salary of personnel in charge of cleaning and maintenance of the common areas, and any other expenses necessary for the correct functioning of the residential complex.

• Procedures to be followed in the operation of common areas (tennis court, multiple use court, etc.), so that each tenant has a satisfactory amount of time to use these areas, as well as proceedings to determine the time during which the maintenance of common use equipment and installations is to be conducted.

Both the “Condominium Regimen” and the “Coexistence Regulation” are an integrate part of the property acquirement, and are to be subscribed at the closing of the real estate purchase contract for each of the condominium units conforming the “FISHERMAN´S VILLA” residential complex. Both regulations are compulsory to follow for each one of the tenants; however, inside these regulations there will be specified the corresponding procedures to modify or derogate any of the existing articles, or to add any article that the tenants deem convenient, so that the regulations are always updated and adjusted to any changes or future necessities for the complex and its tenants.

We look forward to answering any questions you may have of the Chicxulub condos, Chicxulub or its surrounding areas.

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