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In 1974, I began school at a Michigan Community College. I was quiet and shy, much to the disbelief of my current friends, family and students.

On the first day of college I was sitting outside with some new found friends and witnessed a group of students across the way marching, singing and having a great time. Little did I know that this group of students would eventually change my life, and my descendants forever.

Having grown up in a small town and being disenchanted with their drinking and drugs, I was looking for something else. This group of exchange students from Merida, Yucatan, Mexico were definitely something else. They were the embodiment of good, clean , and all about fun.

I, being still a typical 17 year old, noticed a little blond amongst the group. I quickly found that they hung out in the main lounge and deciding that being shy hadn’t worked for me in the past and decided that it was time for a change. After my class I headed to the lounge and walked up and introduced myself to my future best friend, and future brother Juan Jose Ortiz. Shortly thereafter I officially would meet my future Yucateca wife and the mother of my two children. They all returned to Mexico in December of my freshman year leaving a gaping hole in my heart and life.

My parents quickly realized that something was wrong after Christmas, and one night my mother came into my room and asked what it was. I explained that these exchange students were the embodiment of what I had looked for, good and clean living and loving, and that life was pretty empty.

Having worked since I was 11, and the original in cheap, I had always saved my money. Little did my parents know! After explaining to my mother how I felt she asked what it would cost to go to Merida and I told her it was $110.00 USD round trip. She asked if I had the money. I actually had about $3000.00 USD in the bank and promptly said yes. She suggested going down at spring break which I did.

Between school and working, I never actually had the time to look where I was going. I was the typical American, unfortunately things haven’t changed much, and had no idea where I was going, except to Mexico, and would not have been surprised to ride a donkey home. What is American education teaching about the real world?

Arriving to Merida was an eye opener in many ways. I saw a wide variety of people and lifestyles. The experience of seeing people live a life of wealth, and poverty, something I had never experienced in my home town, opened my eyes to possibilities. I had seen the lifestyle that I wanted and to quote my dear Yucateco Father-in-Law, “Nadie me lo van a quitar!”/No one was going to take away from me!

Upon return to Michigan, I sat down and listed my goals and every step of the way to achieve them by the time I was 30 that I would need to follow. My Mother thought I was unrealistic but her doubt only served as motivation.

To this day, I doubt that I would have achieved my goals if it had not been for Juan Jose, my dear first wife, and my in-laws. They believed in me and in no way could I let them, or myself, down to this day. This website exists due to my work ethic, and sense of honor, instilled by my military father. I will not post anything I believe not to be correct. It is my prayer to God that my son and descendants carry this ethic on.

After a lapse of time, I was nearing retirement and the fulfillment of my lifelong goal to live and retire in Yucatan. How does one make this work on a teacher’s salary/retirement?

My new wife and family rented a house in Merida and that commenced their education on Yucatan. As much as they loved Merida, they fell in love with the beach. A little reverse psychology goes a long ways! They fell in love with a lifestyle I had fallen for as a young man.

Since my Father-in-Law went on the first trip, My Mother-in-Law went on the second. My dear brother, Juan Jose, lent us his beautiful house in Chicxulub. The weather was perfect! Cold. My Mother-in-Law doesn’t like the heat. She fell in love with it there.

On our subsequent trip, My Father-in-Law got to experience true life on the beach. I had had shoulder surgery and, again, Juan Jose, lent us his house. The only way to recover. My family had to fend for themselves since I was unable. They were great. They discovered Yucatan without me and loved it the way I do.

We have been looking for investments that would be successful since our renewed trips. We found the Sisal Condos that would be a great opportunity except they are still tied up in legal issue that someday will be resolved. Until then they are off limits to my friends. The rest of you beware. Someday they will be a great investment and lifestyle. I’ll let you know!

Our recent trips have rendered several opportunities and we’ll see where they develop. Please feel free to contact us if you have an opportunity my readers would benefit from!

We will not support any property or business we do not personally know and support.

If you doubt this please call me at 810-434-5887.

My name is Jeff!

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