Cochinita Pibil (Yucatan, Merida Mexico)

by Didier Dipondo
(Bangalore;Karnataka, India)

I like this dish because there is pork inside and a great deep red color.

Preparation Mix the garlic, salt, and achiote condimento. Add orange juice and vinegar. Use this mixture to cover the pork Cook in oven cover at 400 degrees until done. Add water if needed.

Side Dish 1 Xnipec: Cut the tomatoes into cubes, chop onions, and mix with cilantro, chile habanero and garlic. Serve as a side dish.

Side Dish 2: Chop the onion and mix with vinegar, pepper and salt. Prepare tacos and top with onion/vinegar mixture. *The "Achiote condimento" do not have substitution, you can find it in Mexican stores, is one of the most popular mexican condiment.

* 2 lb Pork (variety of pieces)
* 5 Garlic cloves
* 1 Orange (acid)
* 1 c Vinegar
* 1 3/4 oz "Condimento de Achiote"
* 1 md Onion
* 4 md Tomatoes (red)
* 1 Chile Habanero -- optional
* 1/2 c Cilantro chopped --
* Optional * 1 Garlic clove * 1 ts Oregano *

Side Dish 2:
* 3 md Red onions (or white)
* 1 c Vinegar
* Salt and Pepper

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