Try Duck Hunting in the Yucatan

Duck hunting in the Yucatan has been a well kept secret up to now but the secret is getting out!

Yucatan is the destination for migrating ducks of a multitude of species that for centuries have found the expansive mangrove swamps along the coasts.

Duck hunting season opens in December and runs 120 days into April. Blue Winged Teal is the primary bird of choice that arrives in abundance and is one of the world’s sportiest game birds. The concentration of these darting ducks ensures action-packed hunting along with up to 20 other species with five species only found in the Yucatan.

There are various hunting operations operating in the Yucatan Peninsula from the quaint fishing village of Sisal found in the northwest corner of the peninsula on over to Celestun half way across the northern coast of Yucatan. The licensed guides are of Mayan decent and take great pride in their calling and hunting prowess.

Gun control in Mexico makes taking your own guns on a hunt simply not worth the difficulty of getting a permit when the various hunt clubs can supply shotguns such a Bennellis, Brownings and Remingtons.

Laws also require you to hunt with licensed guides and military checkpoints would make having your own guns, even with a permit, an adventure you would not want to experience. Allow the clubs to get the permits and supply the shotguns so all you’ll have to do is bring your hunting clothes.

Just a warning that it can be very warm December through to, and especially in, April. Much hotter than during our North American season.

Duck hunting in the Sisal and Celestun mangrove swamps allows the hunter an endless hunting environment with its hundreds of square miles of shallow estuaries and dense mangrove thickets and natural cover. When not hunting, you can take advantage of Sisal’s beautiful white sandy beaches.

Celestun is also a quaint coastal fishing village situated half way across the northern coast of Yucatan. Celestun has virtually the same environment found in Sisal and duck hunting is equally productive. Celestun is closer to Cancun and therefore may be a more tempting choice but you should consider both areas since you really should take advantage of the Mayan Archeological sites and Merida . A city of over 1.7 million people... locals and expats alike.

While not duck hunting, do take the time to take advantage of the world class Mexico sports fishing in the area. This area sports some of the best bone fishing in the world.

For family and guests that prefer not to hunt, a multitude of activities abound. The nearby colonial city of Merida presents great opportunities for site seeing and shopping. The Mayan ruins of Uxmal and Chichen Itza are within driving distance. Various haciendas have recently been restored and offer great dining and a view into the past.

Bird watching is also quickly making the Yucatan a prime destination with its vast birding opportunities and huge colonies of Flamingos.

These private hunting clubs vary from an all inclusive type of experience in Sisal to staying in quaint little hotels in Celestun!

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