Dzitya Yucatan: Untapped Paradise Property

We have 12.5 acres of investment property for $200,000 USD, in Dzitya Yucatan, now within Merida city limits, available for you to buy in prime growth area. It is currently overgrown with jungle with numerous large trees and fauna that would be preserved in the development of the property. Pictures posted only show the roads around the property since the jungle growth is so dense but adjoining properties are in various stages of development.
ditzya Dzitya, Yucatan is a small town known for its stone and wood carving. Although the various stones that are utilized by its well known carvers do not actually come from Dzitya, it is well known amongst architects and those that are building, restoring and collectors of fine carving. Anyone involved in building is fully aware of the skills of its artisans and the architectural pieces such as sinks, fountains and tiles that are a necessity in any Yucateco construction.

Anyone interested in restoring, or remodeling, a classic Yucateco home will make Dzitya Yucatan their primary destination and any architect in Yucatan will send you to this village. This entire village dedicates itself to the three types of stone available and it is both affordable and esthetically mandatory to any reconstruction, remodeling or construction.

The basic three types of limestone, are used throughout here and Mexico. Conchuela/coquina is used for sculptures and general d├ęcor. Macedonia, denser than Conchuela, is used also in wetter areas such as baths and kitchens.,

Ticul stone is reddish/orange in color and is often found in bath and kitchen areas. The city/village of Ticul is a must trip to anyone building/reconstructing a Yucateco home.

Ticul can be found on the highway along Oxkutzcab and Tekax and any self respecting tourist/expatriate should make this a travel destination.

Dzitya is on the outskirts of Merida and directly in its path of development. Merida is rapidly growing to the north and Dzitya is off of Highway 261, the highway to Progreso. An overpass and exit to Dzitya is in its final stages and the area is already being developed.

To invest or for more information send us your contact information on our "Contact Us" page and we will contact you shortly.

Cartoon Map  Yucatan

Right turn- 100 yards to property.

dzitya yucatan property

Road into property approximately 500-600 yards long off of main highway.

dzitya yucatan property

Property on the right

dzitya yucatan property

Property on the left

dzitya yucatan property

Neighboring property

Property on the Left

dzitya yucatan property

dzitya yucatan property

dzitya yucatan property

Neighboring property

dzitya yucatan property

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