Eco-tourism in Mexico: Untapped Business Opportunities

Eco-tourism in Mexico is a major component in the future of tourism in Yucatan, and in many ways synonymous with rural tourism, in Mexico. It not only offers adventures and experiences to green tourists but to tourists that are not interested in the typical tourist traps.

The geographical and ecological features of Yucatan lend themselves to a whole new spectrum of tourist adventures. Eco-tourism in Mexico is in its infancy, especially in the Yucatan, but those that supply these types of trips are very busy and profitable. There currently are agencies that supply a multitude of trips for the non-conforming tourist.

The difficulties of eco-tourism in Mexico…

How to develop a business in ecologically friendly tourism without destroying the very ecology, those tourists seek, is the question. It is necessary to determine the goals of the business. Is it to educate? Is it to educate but maintain the ecology visited? Is its goal to achieve income in order to invest in the ecology?

By definition, tourism ultimately destroys the very ecology it seeks to utilize.

Business opportunities abound for Mexico sport fishing yet few business entrepreneurs have ventured into this area. Fisherman, for the most part, still must contract with local fisherman to take them out to drop a line. Mexico sports fishing is still a developing market.

Scuba diving on reefs and sunken ships abound but there is little opportunity, other than contracting locals, to have the experience. Scuba diving in local cenotes and caves is, at best, in its infancy. No solid industry truly exists.

Kayaking and experiencing the Mangroves, fauna and birding is a wide open area waiting for development and organization. Most opportunities are run by locals with little advertisement (actually none) or internet communication.

The whale shark tours have really started to become popular. Many tours get their business from all of the honeymooners. There are still a lot of places to visit the whales away from the beaten path.

Rural tourism remains a wide open opportunity to the investor as exhibited by the restoration of colonial haciendas and the prices they demand. The Cancun’s are not for everyone and a wide opportunity to the creative entrepreneur avails itself to those interested in establishing an ecologically based business.

It’s All About Who You Know That Makes Things Happen In Mexico

Although opportunities abound, it can be frustrating, if not difficult, to get a business up and running due to governmental “Red Tape”. As in much of the world it all about who you know that makes things easier to get things up and running.

To discuss ideas and partnerships with positive, like minded people... contact us, and we will do our best to put you in touch with the people you need to know to make it happen!

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