Mexican Auto Insurance

Mexican auto insurance was, and still is, not required in Mexico. During the 1980’s and 90’s I drove my 1974 jeep with no insurance in Yucatan, Mexico. I was young, foolish and invincible! I also had an ace up my sleeve because my then-wife’s uncle was the judge. No Problem, right? Stupid but it worked.

Today, Mexico still does not require you to carry auto insurance but in an accident, you are expected to have the where with all to cover damages and expenses. Hence, buy insurance!

When we drove down to Merida Yucatan in 1981, we purchased AAA insurance that would cover us in Mexico but that is not the case currently. Purchase liability coverage in Mexico because liability coverage on your American or Canadian insurance is not recognized by Mexican Authorities. Additionally, many US policies are limited to your length of stay and the distance you are driving from the border.

There are a multitude of reputable insurance companies that insurance can be purchased from in Mexico and will help you in the event of an accident.

Although your American or Canadian auto insurance provides coverage in Mexico, it is advisable to buy Liability insurance from a Mexican insurance company.

The basic difference between Mexico and the U.S. is the Financial Liability Act, which states that anyone involved in an accident must have the resources necessary to pay for damages or injuries that are caused, whether in cash or through a Mexican insurance policy. Minimally, you should carry liability insurance

This is Why You Need Mexican Auto Insurance!

If you are involved in an accident, you must not move the vehicle. You are immediately to call your insurance company and they will send out a representative. The other driver will do the same. The two rep’s will get together and determine who caused the accident and settle responsibility. Once this is accomplished you will go on your way and the company will take care of damages based on your coverage.

If you carry no coverage the police will be called, your car will be impounded and towed to the police station/courthouse compound and you will also be taken there until financial issues and responsibilities are resolved.

I know it is the American way to not accept responsibility but it is important that when you have the rep’s from both driver’s companies present that if you caused the accident, accept responsibility. The rep’s will sign off and you’re done. You do not want to have the police/court involved! If neither party admits blame the issue will be resolved by the courts, your cars will be impounded, and you will be required to accompany the police to the courthouse to resolve the issue.

Crossing the Border

When you cross the border you will be required to present the cleared title and/or a notarized letter from your bank giving you permission to take the vehicle into Mexico. Insurance policies from American or Canadian insurance companies are not recognized in Mexico. Only insurance policies from Mexican insurance companies are considered legal. Per Mexican law, traffic accidents are deemed both a civil and a criminal matter.

Again, the Mexican government does not require vehicles to be insured; however, it is strongly recommended that you buy Mexican liability insurance as minimum protection in the event of a car accident in Mexico.

Mexican auto insurance information that should be carried at all times while driving

• The policy number
• The name shown in the policy
• The name of your insurance agent
• Description of your vehicle
• Description of other vehicles involved in the accident
• Location of the accident or theft
• Your phone number
• A brief description of the event.
• Take pictures with your cell phone or camera.
• Contact police if you or the other car has no insurance.
• Do not accept money or seek treatment without contacting your agent, if possible.
• If not followed these could invalidate your insurance Mexican

We hope this information helps you with your driving in Mexico. This for your information only. Please verify all facts and driving rules/ Mexican auto insurance information prior to driving.

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