Mexico Sports Fishing

In Mexico sports fishing is a typical weekend activity. My Father-in-law and I often would go fishing with his business associates on Sunday. Business in Mexico is typically accomplished by mixing business with pleasure.

Alecran Islands

I recently went on an incredible fishing trip to the little known Alecran Islands. The group of islands lay 72 miles off in the Gulf of Mexico north of Progreso,Yucatan and require a permit to visit since it is an ecological preserve but well worth the trip. Yucatan sports fishing, alecran islands, alecren reef, arrecifes de los alacranes
We spent the weekend watching the sea turtles come ashore at night to lay their eggs.

At night as we all lay on our air mattresses, I laid looking up at the stars like I had never seen them before. Being some 72 miles from light pollution, the sky and the stars, were incredible.

The full moon rose and looking down the beach I could see dozens of sea turtles coming ashore all night long to lay their eggs.

My friends were also excited and marveled at our luck of being that island on the exact night that they came ashore.

yucatan sea trutles, alecranes

After waiting until no more turtles were coming ashore we all walked down to where the first tracks led up onto the dune.

We cautiously followed the trail until we could view the turtle laying its eggs from a distance.

I was living that which I had only seen on the discovery channel and didn’t sleep much that night.

Sport Fishing the Alecranes

Barracuda fishing was incredible. We caught a wide variety of fish and ate like kings every day.

The trip was a success. We had a great time, a life time of memories, bonded in friendship and developed what we hope is a lifelong business relationship.

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Yucatan Fishing

The sport fishing waters of Yucatan is rich with a variety of sport fish such as Marlin, Wahoo, Dorado, Tuna, kingfish, and Barracuda. Every port along the coasts provides Mexico sports fishing in some form or other. Everything from 40 foot and up, Bertrams to 55 foot Oceans and down to a local fisherman's boat can be chartered.

Again, the charter you choose depends on the depth of your pockets. These charters can run into the thousands down to $100 for a very enjoyable day with a local fisherman.

I personally enjoy bait fishing and trolling, by hand, with hook, line and sinker. Fighting and hauling in a fish without the help of tackle is truly an experience. Fighting to bring in a 4 foot barracuda by hand is exhausting and great fun.

Learn some Yucatan Fishing Tems here!

The migration of sailfish through the Yucatan Channel around to the Campeche Bank starting in the spring affords in Mexico sports fishing that is a bill fisherman's dream come true. The Yucatan Channel lays between Cuba and the Yucatan and is the migration path of bill fish on their way to the Campeche Bank and the Reefs of Madagascar off of Sisal, Yucatan.

These reefs are an area not yet capitalized upon by commercial sports fisherman and you can fish all day without seeing another boat.

The Riviera Maya is infamous for its sport fishing and can be had all along the coast. Puerto Aventuras, Cozumel and Isla Mujeres are well known for offering a wide range of quality fishing opportunities.

Try this out!

We haven't tried this place out yet in Cancun but we look forward to trying it in the future. It looks like a very professional looking place. Remember to always use your judgment!

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