Essential Mexico Travel Tips

I recommend following these Mexico travel tips for all of your Yucatan travel needs! Friends often say that travel to Mexico, and within it, can easily be mastered if you know some of these tips and tricks.

Firstly, know that the U.S. Embassy website has a Mexico Travel Warning. You should check this Mexico travel warning while planning your trip and to help you decide your manner of travel.

Do not go by what you hear on the news or from friends that think they know what they are talking about. There are too many “Urban Legends” about Mexico that haven’t been true for decades. Go to the U.S. Embassy website and get the latest facts. Google turismo Mexico and it will also give you valuable information for traveling for the Mexico vacation planner.

Traveling to Mexico and especially Yucatan travel can be fun and exciting!

There are many cheap flights to Mexico or you may want to drive. My wife, son, a friend and I drove down in 1981 and it was a trip to remember. Just remember that in Mexico money, in cash form, is king and a necessity in many small towns and villages. Try to keep smaller bills and change because large bills may leave you unable to purchase something simply because villagers might not have change

Transportation can have a varying effect on your expenses. Yucatan has an extensive bus system and is easily used but can be limiting to the average American. It is the best way to visit the many Yucatan cenotes.

yucatan cenote

Visit Chichen Itza, other Mayan ruins and Yucatan tours are also must do's.

Taxis are everywhere, and cheap. Careful… They can add up too if you're not a good planner. We, in the U.S. don't think twice about making multiple trips each day, so utilizing taxis can significantly add to your monthly expenses. Hence the question, do I take my car, via driving to Mexico, by shipping, or do I purchase a car there.

When it comes to travel insurance Mexico is very strict that all foreign cars must be well insured. Driving through Mexico and obtaining your Mexico visa has become much easier in the past few decades due to Mexico's efforts to improve its infrastructure. The roads have been widened. Expressways now exist in many areas and bridges have replaced the ferries once used to traverse rivers.

Driving in the daytime will get you to Veracruz by nightfall from Brownsville, Texas. After a rest in beautiful Veracruz, it is another 12 hours to Campeche, the capital of the State of Campeche. Read more about driving in Mexico to Yucatan!

Don't forget to read this article on Mexican auto insurance! Make sure you know what your insurance requirements are before you really have to!

is a completely restored colonial city with several restored, and real, pirate forts. It is time well spent. Spend some time there or put it on your list of places to spend time and visit later.

Three to four hours, the next day, and you'll be in Merida Yucatan, a city of 1.3 million people. Spend time in Merida Yucatan and get to know it. There are nearly unlimited things to do with nightly festivities in various parks at night. Explore the various sections or neighborhoods and get a feel for each as they can vary considerably from each other.

Here are more Mexico travel tips. Merida most likely will be your base to begin visiting potential homes but do not limit yourself solely to Merida. There are a world of beach communities nearby and each town or village has its own unique flavor.

If you prefer a more isolated lifestyle properties in the interior are also available where you can purchase or build your own jungle paradise. Some of these properties have modern services while others may not. Don't let that scare you. Our first property was on the beach using a sand road with our closest neighbor living about one half mile away.

You can, as we did, live very comfortably by “living green” utilizing solar panels and lighting, wind generators, and the old standby gas/propane fueled generators. We lacked nothing and if we did, we either didn't know it or didn't care. Life's a little laid back here and you'll find that your priorities change.

If a road trip is not a viable solution, you can ship your car out of Panama City, Florida and it will arrive in a few days in Progreso, about 30 miles from central Merida.

Lastly, and this one I found much simpler, you can buy a vehicle in Yucatan. Used car prices are a bit cheaper there, if not comparable to the U.S., and I bought a jeep. I had it stripped down and restored to perfection and simplified the jeep down to the basics and beefed it up for the rough and tumble fun I had in store for it. It was great!

Labor is extremely cheap there! The cost of redoing my jeep was minimal. I actually would go over to the garage where they were rebuilding my engine and it was done in two days. Armed with a couple of six packs and good food, which I shared with the mechanics, I learned about my jeep from the inside out. This can come in handy.

More Mexico travel tips would include being a good tipper. Many service type jobs do not pay the worker rather they rely on tips. I have found that tipping a taxi driver well is convenient because he will give you his cell number and you can use him for your Mexico shopping, a Cancun Mexico vacation or even come in handy when you go back for your honeymoon in Mexico!

My personal rule is to treat everyone the way I would like to be treated. Yucatecos will love you for it.

Please E-mail me more Mexico travel tips!

More Mexico Travel Tips

Check out more Mexico travel tips at Romantic Vacations & Destinations website for more romantic Mexico vacations. Whether you are planning a second honeymoon or a romantic getaway there are plenty of easy and fun romantic tours and activities to enjoy in Mexico.

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