moving company, long distance moving companies, Linea Peninsular

Moving company: Linea Peninsular

Linea Peninsular is a great moving company.

I spent months researching and they offered the best service at the least price. They really make the physical move easy. The real hassle can be with the import broker. Be careful when you choose them. We sent our Menaje to a couple of them and the difference in price was quite different.

The Mexican Consulate States that, “You can apply for your Menaje de Casa at anytime your FM3 visa is valid.” That means your current FM3 visa. You don't even have to ship in the first year your FM3 visa is valid. A manaje de casa document is a list of everything being imported.

The rule is that you only have a single time to get a menaje de casa. The time issue is that you need to have 6 months of remaining eligibility on you current registered FM3. They recognize that there are delays and want to avoid the possibility it could expire without your goods getting entry into the country. Sometimes it can take months to get your possessions if you don’t have everything in order.

--You need to avoid being too specific in identifying the contents of the boxes. For example, if it is woman's clothing, just list it as various woman’s clothing, not listing number of skirts, number of blouses, etc. This is the one thing that could vary by consulate. Be guided by your local consulate.

--Each box needs to be identified clearly on the box with a number that coincides to the written Menaje de Casa.

Contact your local Mexican Consulate for current info for a manaje de casa document. (A list of everything being imported). Input your personal information and sign exactly as listed on your FM3. Google “Mexico Menaje letter.doc” for the document.

moving company, long distance moving companies, Linea Peninsular

Linea Peninsular does the delivery door to door. Once the broker and customs finish with the inspection, they take the container to your door. You then have 4 hours (free) time to unload the container. The quote to deliver your container via a broker to a nearby beach home was $180 USD.

Grupo Aduaneros Peninsular (GAP) is a Customs Broker and says that Mexican consulate approval of a menaje de casa is required only of Mexican nationals. You do have to prepare a menaje de casa, and should fax it for an advance look over by your Mexican broker.

You can find sample menajes de casa on the Internet. GAP will also provide shipment to your door like a regular moving company and they’ll supply the ramps!

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