Moving to Mexico:
How to Ship Your Belongings and Other Ideas

So you are planning on moving to Mexico!

If you choose the long distance moving company route, your cost may well vary. As you list your possessions/imports on a Menaje de Casa, deciding to bring umpteen boxes of books, file cabinets, refrigerators, even the kitchen sink, and other heavy items (not to mention motorcycles, cars, etc) tends to bring on a migraine.

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“Can you replace this item for a dollar per pound?”

The cost runs about $1.00 per pound, so some of your decisions will be based on the simple question “Can you replace this item for a dollar per pound?” You will wish you had brought several things that you decided you could do without and also will bring things you’ll have no use for – wine glasses, fancy dishes, etc.

Somewhere along the planning for a move to México, one really should carefully address the question of moving the household furnishings –vs- having a giant garage sale, move to México with personal items and a few treasures that will fit in your vehicle, and buy all new for a new life in a new land. What you save by not doing the big move plus the yard sale could very well furnish a house in Yucatan.

Waiting actually has some great benefits?

Most expats will agree that waiting actually has some great benefits. You will learn that over half the items you planned on moving to Mexico would end up being stored and possibly never used. My wife had over too many pairs of shoes she planned on taking but high heels don't work real well in the sand. She ended up bringing around 10 pairs of practical shoes.

Lots of men's clothing will never be used. Don’t forget to buy a light weight suit for weddings and such although a Guayabera will suffice for most dress occasions.

Living in the Yucatan gives you a great education on what you won't ever use. I am sure many expats have items they moved and then stored for the indefinite future.

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