Oxkutzcab Yucatan - The "Breadbasket of Yucatan"

Oxkutztcab Yucatan, organic produce

Oxkutzcab Yucatan, known by Yucatecos as the “Breadbasket of Yucatan,” means in the Mayan language, “The Place of Ramon, Tobacco and Honey” and is little known outside of the fruit and vegetable industry to the rest of the world. In Michigan the crops of this southwestern area of Yucatan have filled the winter gap left by the storm damage in Florida and the declining produce from California.

My Father-in Law, helps run a major produce terminal in Detroit and is very familiar with the name even though he, I don’t think, ever knew where it was. On our recent trip I introduced him to the area. From near Ticul, past Oxkutzcab Yucatan and Tekax on towards Peto, the area that once supplied Yucatan now exports produce to the USA.

Oxkuztcab Yucatan, produce, marketplace

I was much relieved to find that a new highway had been built and our return through all of the villages, and the topes, on a photo shoot would end with a short hour, to an hour and a half, ride home on the new highway back to Merida. In the old days it would have been 6-8 hours. This highway was built to provide modern transport to the port of Progreso, Yucatan for export of the produce.

Oxkutzcab Yucatan, like the other cities in the area, has grown from a sleepy little Mayan village into a city of 30,000 plus. It also, like Ticul, is a great start up point to explore the area.

International exporters have established themselves in the area and have their pick of the produce. This is much to the dismay of Yucatecos as they feel that they end up with the sub-quality leftovers yet this maintains lower prices in Yucatan.

Oxkuztcab Yucatan, produce, marketplace, mayan vendors

I personally do not feel that they are leftovers since people shop only for the next day or two and buy produce that was simply too fresh to export and spray with chemicals half way through the trip for ripening. Ultimately you end up living the dream chemical free lifestyle that we all dream of.

Living in Yucatan affords us to eat produce devoid of chemicals, herbicides, and fertilizers. We have found that, with each trip, we lose weight even though we overeat. I believe the difference is that we are living natural. Literally, the only processed food we consume is bottled Salsa and each time we return to the USA, we experience many gastric issues.

The beauty of Oxkutzcab Yucatan is that even though it has grown substantially passing through, with a quick stop at the main marketplace, it still has the feeling of a sleepy Mayan village and leaves the passer through unaware of what they just passed by.

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