Take Pets To Mexico... How To and Common Worries!

Many retirees want to take their pets to Mexico… One of the major questions confronting the prospective retiree to Mexico is whether they can take their beloved pets. The answer is yes!

Many people never leave the states because they think they have to leave their pets. The sad thing is that it doesn’t need to stop them from taking advantage of the savings and luxury of living abroad!

The major consideration when you take your pets is to have a complete physical completed on your pets by a licensed veterinarian very close to your time of departure. It doesn’t hurt to have your vet check your pets vaccine schedule.

Many expats that have recently taken their pets to Mexico report that the personnel at the aduana is much more interested in the physical possessions that you are taking in vs. your pets, their numbers and whether you have the appropriate documentation from a vet.

Again, you should have all of their shots and documentation in order and the date should be as close as possible to your crossing the border. Make sure that there are no warnings for where you are taking your pets… and you should have no problem.

How many pets can you take?

There is much on the Internet that there is a limit of two pets per person… but many of the blogs indicate that they do not seem to be interested in your pets nor the number of pets you are taking in.

Being a two dog owner, and having purchased shock collars, I am more concerned about what the dogs will decide to chase. They live and breathe to hunt squirrels in our yard and wonder what trouble they'll get themselves into once they are in Mexico. Our local skunk taught them a lesson but as we all know there is a lot more to get into trouble with in Mexico!

If you search you will find many pet friendly vacation rentals in Yucatan. Take your time to call for specifics and their rules and regulations!

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