Quail Hunting in Yucatan Peninsula

Yucatan not is only known for its duck hunting but also for its quail hunting. Quail hunting in Yucatan has gained in popularity. The cattle pastures of Yucatan provide the perfect and expansive habitat and along with its limited hunting pressure makes the Yucatan a prime quail hunting destination.

Gun control in Mexico makes taking your own guns on a hunt simply not worth the difficulty of getting a permit when the various hunt clubs can supply shotguns such a Bennellis, Brownings and Remingtons.

quail hunting in yucatan, hunting mexico

Laws also require you to hunt with licensed guides and military checkpoints would make having your own guns, even with a permit, an adventure you would not want to experience. Allow the clubs to get the permits and supply the shotguns so all you’ll have to do is bring your hunting clothes. Just a warning it can be very warm and much hotter than during our North American season.

yucatan haciendas

In recent years many of the old haciendas have undergone restoration that concentrates on tourism and cattle production. Staying in Yucatan haciendas can be a great experience and a real deal. When the hunt is over take in some nightlife or check out one of the many Yucatan cenotes or some of the local Yuctan ruins .

Within these vast cattle pastures coveys of Quail abound. Both sizable and numerous, coveys of Black-Throated Quail can be found throughout the cattle pastures in the northern Yucatan Peninsula.

quail hunting in yucatan, hunting mexico

The Black Throated Quail is found only in the Yucatan. It is a close cousin of the North American Bobwhite who’s numbers have been dwindling over the past quarter century.

Cattle ranching has for the most part replaced the farming of henequen for land use since the demise of Cordemex and the periodic Mayan land management techniques of slashing and burning off of the fields renders prime environment both for the cattle and quail.

quail hunting in yucatan, hunting mexico

Cattle are released into the fields at night and after they have had their fill of the moist night grasses. They return to their pens seeking water after grazing since the terrain consists of limestone and no water is available to them in the fields thus rendering the fields devoid of cattle or man during the hot daytime.

quail hunting in yucatan Quail hunting in Yucatan is not for the light hearted. Snake-bite proof boots and chaps should be worn and the going is tough over this rocky and rough terrain where crossing stone fences can take as much time as crossing a field. The remaining Henequen plants and cacti sit waiting to impale you, or your dog, at any wrong turn.

Black Throated Quail covey much as the North American Bobwhite do. They burst straight up and fly off in all directions and if you’ve been diligent practicing your skeet shooting a double is waiting at every turn before they re-land 75 yards away, re-covey and wait your next move.

At the end of the day you can return to your hotel enjoying your favorite beverage and a Cuban Cohiba.

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