Swimming With The Whale Sharks.

by Eugene
(New York, NY USA)

While vacationing last week in Cancun Mexico, I felt the urge to experience something I was very afraid of, Swimming with a whale shark. My friends thought I was crazy and refused to do it but I convinced them that it is an opportunity that you have to take advantage of.

In our hotel, I got a pamphlet from the concierge about swimming with sharks and we asked him to make a reservation for 6 people for "Whale Shark Encounter Adventure" and we put the deposit on our room.

The next day we woke up and had second thoughts but once again, I stepped up and pushed everyone to go. We get a taxi and went to the place. There we met with the guide and he explained safety rules and gave us other information about how to and not to react.

At that time, I felt the adrenalin pumping. I admit I was scared. So we jumped in and sharks were all around us. At first we were terrified but then we felt a feeling like no other. It is truly a great experience that you need to try yourself. I cant wait to go swimming with the whale sharks another time.

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