Traveling To Mexico : Save Cash And See The Land

Traveling to Mexico at an inexpensive rate can become a real science. We recently traveled to Merida at about $700 each and the Mexico travel planner would do well to research the best prices, and timing is all important. In August of 2009 the prices had dropped to $291 round trip but went back to $650 by months end.

When traveling to Mexico(Yucatan), travel can be interesting. The cheapest way to go, based on my experience, is to fly into Cancun and the take the A.D.O. to Merida for a quick and scenic trip. The trip across the Yucatan peninsula will take about 4 hours on a first class bus and will cost you about $15-$20. Learn more about Yucatan travel by bus. I know. Right now you're saying why would I add a bus trip to a long day of travel. There's a method to my madness. Flights into Cancun arrive around 1:00-2:00pm.

If you have the money to add several hundreds of dollars to your trip… and don’t want the extra added time, and aggravation, you can fly directly into Merida.

I say the time because dependent on the time of year you may very well have to fly into Mexico City. You will arrive in Merida at 7:00 or 8:00 p.m. Shortly after our flight on June 16th, which was from Detroit-Houston-Mexico City-Merida, flights began for the summer from Houston direct to Merida.

Our flight from Detroit to Merida was uneventful except for a flight delay and the confusion of flying through Mexico City. Upon going through customs and immigration we were confronted with people pushing us to take their taxis.

Being unaware of things we did not understand… that the airport in Mexico City is going through major reconstruction and upon finding our airline's counter we were informed that we needed to take a taxi around to another airport concourse.

We followed their directions and ended at a booth that sold tickets for a taxi to the other concourse. Our twenty minute taxi ride through the city was a true experience. Fitting my 6'7" frame into an economy car was accentuated by fitting my 6'4" father-in-law, my 6'2" wife and tall step-son in the small car.

It would have been funny if it hadn't been so painful. We arrived safely and with little time to spare.

Had my wife's vacation time been a little later we could have had a direct flight from Houston to Merida but no such luck. Looking back, had I known, we would have saved a lot of money by flying into Cancun and either renting a car or we would have taken the A.D.O. from Cancun to Merida.

This Christmas we are flying into Cancun, taking the bus to Merida, renting a car and returning to Cancun for a couple of days prior to our return.

If you rent a car, don't be convinced into taking the new expressway to Merida. It is very straight and boring. Take the old road, hit all of the villages and towns (and speed bumps!) and experience the whole trip. You are there to look and learn and the expressway is nothing but a mundane boring trip through the jungle with little, if anything, to see.

If time is of essence fly into Merida even though you'll arrive later than if you drove to Merida from Cancun. Reservations for the first class A.D.O. can be made at

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