Living and Working in Mexico: How to Make it Happen

Working in Mexico can be in many forms. Commonly foreigners work in Mexico on a short term basis for corporate interests and as long as they do not receive any remuneration within Mexico but from their corporate entity in their home country, the permits are minimal and should be handled by their home corporate office.

People with specific skills needed by a Mexican entity can be sponsored, and a permit requested to the Mexican Government on behalf of the foreigner, for a specific job or jobs in Mexico as long as it does not hinder Mexican national employment.

If you need legal advice or help setting up your LLC contact us for our qualified English speaking recommendation! We will provide contact info upon request.

Mexico’s goal is to protect its citizenship from losing out on employment to foreigners. As long as you have a skill that is not available in Mexico, the permits should be easily obtained by the sponsoring company.

The Mexican government’s goal is to ensure that you are not taking employment away from a Mexican national. Additionally, they need to verify that you have the means to support yourself until you gain sufficient income in Mexico.

If you need to apply for a FM3, resident working visa, please go to our section on visas. FM2 and FM3 visas are required to earn money within Mexico although often simply checking the business box on the FMT visa is sufficient if you are on a short trip to consult or work with a manufacturing facility.

Retiring/Living and Working in Mexico

Many expats dream of working in Mexico but our American heritage is such that most of us want to continue being productive. It is hard to enjoy a leisure life with no responsibilities or goals as we were brought up to do. It is not our way… nor culture.

I am a teacher and certified in TESL (Teachers of English as a Secondary Language) but if I wanted to do that I could make much more money doing that here! I also have spent my career also delving in real estate. That is my secondary forte and I plan to continue my real estate endeavors into retirement.

I recently spent a month in Yucatan and while my family viewed the experience as a vacation I spent my time looking a researching for business opportunities. Although Yucatan offers almost everything, if not more, than what I could find in Michigan, I quickly found holes in services that one would expect to find in a tourist rich environment. I researched the possibilities and I am currently developing a business plan in those directions.

Utilize your contacts and get legal advice before committing. For example, renting an auto in Mexico can be extremely expensive. I thought about my experience of flying to Alaska to fly fish and we rented a “Rent a Wreck”. We didn’t care. We were there to fish and the rusty old van worked fine for us.The “Secretary of Tourism” does not allow an auto older than 2-3 years to be rented so that was the end of that idea. Good idea but doesn’t work within the framework of Mexican laws.

Here’s the bottom line. Don’t move to Mexico if you don’t have skills. I’m not trying to be harsh but labor related jobs are of minimal pay and is not what you want to retire to.

Now, if you know how to build cement block walls, you probably know many other things about construction. If you can afford to retire, and are looking at this website, you should look into hooking up with, or establishing, a company that caters to foreign home investors and restoration. Contact me I may be interested or can help. If you’re into the arts, Yucatan is well known for its artistic community. Work on the internet? Well you can do that almost anywhere and why not next to the pool or on the coast. Yucatan has a completely modern internet system.

We all have ideas about how we could “keep busy” while retired and many of these ideas can be expanded into retirement businesses. Do the research ahead of time and go into it with a solid knowledge base!

I recommend making your own e-commerce website. The Solo Build It system we use can help you build a step-by-step website that can help you make additional income or even retire early. Others have done it so can you! Click here now.

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