Yucatan Fishing Terms

The following is a limited list of Yucatan fishing terms that the Non-Spanish speaking angler may find helpful. Fish commonly found along the coast of Yucatan allows for a variety of fishing opportunities and styles.

Fish typically found around Yucatan

Atun: Tuna

Boquinete: Hogfish

Calamar: Squid

Cazon: Shark

Corbina: Croaker

Dolphin: Delfin/Delphin

Dorado: Bream, Sea Bream

Macabi: Bonefish

Manta-Raya: Manta Ray

Mero: Grouper

Mojarra: Sea Bass

Pez Espada: Sawfish

Pargo: Snapper

Pulpo: Octopus

Robolo: Snook

Rubio or Pargo: Red Snapper

Salmon: Salmon

Sardie: Sardina

Shark: Tiburon

Turtle: Tortuga


Almejas: Clam

Cangrejo: Crab

Camarones: shrimp

Concha: shell

Jaiba: Crab

Langosta: Lobster

Langostino: Crayfish


General Fishing Vocabulary

The excursion/trip: La excursión

Fishing: La pesca

Fishing Pole: La caña de pescar

Fly: Mosca

Free-spool: Linea libre

Line: Linea/ Piola

Leader: Alambre

Hook: Anzuelo

Tangle (backlash): Enredar

Slack: Floja

Drag: Freno /Trabaja

More Drag: Mas trabaja

Less Drag: Menos trabaja

Bait: Carnada

Boat Terminology and Useful Yucatan Fishing Terms

Bow: Proa

Stern: Propa

Port side: Babor

Starboard: Estribor

Life preservers: Salvavidas

Cushions: Cogines

Ice box: Caja de hielo

Motor: Motor

Outboard: Afuera de abordo

Steering Wheel: Volante

Propeller: Helice

Throttle: Acelerador

Carburetor: Carburador

More drag: Mas trabaja

Spark Plug: Bujia

Wrench: Llave de tuercas

Anchor : Ancla

Rope: Lazo / Soga

Lights: Luz, Luces

Rocks: Rocas

Wave: Ola

Reef: Recife

Tide: Marea

Seaweed: Sargaso

Too bad!: Que lastima! / Contra!

Fishing with shrimp on the hook allows for fishing for a variety of fish species, including Snook, Tarpon, Redfish, Seatrout, Sheepshead, and Snapper .

Three shrimp species are used for bait throughout the Gulf of Mexico: the pink, white and brown shrimp all can be found in the warm Gulf and Caribbean waters around the Yucatan Peninsula. Brown shrimp live in the coastal shallows while young and into deeper water, around 300’, as they grow to their 7”- 9” adult size.

Additional fishing styles include trolling with lures, bottom fishing with live or dead bait, and fly fishing. Most fascinating is night fishing for squid and octopus, in August, by hanging a Coleman lantern out over the side of the boat and scooping them up with a net.

During Lobster season fisherman can be seen in their boats motoring around and suddenly letting off of the gas and immediately plunging over the side with a wire hook to reach into the coral reefs to retrieve the hiding lobsters.

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