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In Yucatan real estate can come in many forms and what you decide to purchase or rent, while you are searching and developing your language skills, may be in the city, the jungle or on the beach.

In Merida, Yucatan real estate ranges from centuries old homes downtown to ultra modern mansions on the northern area of the city. In Mexico housing covers a very broad range so you should find something to meet your needs.

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Investment Opportunities and Avoiding Pitfalls

Land for sale in Mexico can be tricky and an experienced lawyer is a necessity in order to avoid the unusual pitfalls that you can run into. Additionally, for retirement real estate Mexico offers a broad range of options and many developments are in progress such as the 64 unit complex in Chicxulub Puerto along the northern Yucatan coast.

I love the villages and rural lands. Cenotes (caves formed by the underground water flowing through the limestone terrain) are becoming prime Yucatan real estate.

Eco-Tourism, A New Business Opportunity

Eco-toursim in Mexico appears to be the business to get into. The natural land, cenotes, and jungles lends itself perfectly to eco-tourism and investment opportunities. Yucatan real estate has some great long term prospects!

Being 6'7” and my wife being nearly 6'2” the shorter Mayan residents have great fun with us and we with them. We like to ham it up with them. They are all smiles and the life in the villages is like going back in time with three wheeled bikes used as taxis, home-made French bread coming out hot from the ovens, and stopping at the sidewalk taco stands down by the main plaza with their beautiful churches that are sometimes hundreds of years old.

The Beach Life

Life on the beach varies vastly from village to village and town to town. I suggest that if this is where you are leaning toward that you invest some time learning the area and experiencing them.

My wife and I combed the entire coast to take it all in and let her get the feel of each. I already knew the area and had my preferences but I tried not to sway her.

There were areas I definitely did not want to live in due to beach erosion caused by the shipping pier in Progreso and my father-in-law quickly understood why the beach home prices were lower there. I am not putting down Chelem or Chuburna but I planned on a beach house, on the beach, and I simply know the erosion history.

Chelem and Chuburna are very popular with expats, both from Canada and the USA. The prices are substantially cheaper than east of Progreso (Link) and a large population of expats has sprung up. Most expats buy on the second or third tier. This means that they are not directly on the beach but on a row or two behind. An extensive social life has sprung up amongst this group along with restaurants and bars that cater to them.

In addition to this group, many expats have chosen to purchase in the Progreso area east to Telchac Puerto. This area is approximately 25 miles alon the beach.

The Yucalpeten Bridge completed a few years ago now connects Progreso with Yucalpeten and towns west of Progreso and has increased the quality of lifestyle and connections between these two areas. Prior to its completion residents had to drive a distance to cross the waterways and connect.

Making The Choice

At this point I need to point out a prime factor that effected our decision. We needed to be close enough to an appropriate school for my stepson which meant that the beach house needed to be within drivable distance to Merida. It quickly came down to this. Progreso, Chixulub or Sisal. In reverse order I'll discuss each reason for our choice.

Sisal is a beautiful fishing village with an old fort and lighthouse. We enjoy going fishing with the local fisherman on Sundays. The beach is huge and seldom feels the effects of hurricanes due to its location around the NW point of Yucatan. We are currently purchasing condos on the beach to rehab and sell.

Chicxulub is next to Progreso and is the center of society and summer activities. The homes are incredible mansions and the gulf is teaming with activities and boats during the summer. The homes tend to be expensive but I am currently involved in selling condos with a 64 condominium project that is about to begin. These condos will range in the $175,000.00 USD area.

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Finally comes Progresso Yucatan . We went there the first day and spent the day on the beach under a palapa. The waiters from the restaurant across the street took great care of us and we lacked nothing.

A Carnival Cruise ship came into port and quickly Progreso Yucatan was a Mexican version of Key West.

My wife was convinced. This was where she wanted to live and we went riding along the beach looking for houses and immediately found a house that would possibly become our home.

You would be surprised at what you can afford here versus buying in Florida!

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