Is Yucatan Safe?

The question of safety continuously comes up when talking to my friends. Is Yucatan Safe? Yes I lecture about the benefits of living in Yucatan, Mexico. I love the Yucatan and make no apologies about it. I have traveled in every nook and cranny of Yucatan and have always felt safer than in my own little home town.

Do I do drugs, or partake in illegal activities, no. Consequently, are the possibilities of encountering any danger based on illegal activities a possibility? Yes, but I have never felt that this possibility was any more or less than at home.

We are from a small town, north of Detroit, population of 35,000 people. Can you find drugs there? Yes. Can you find crime there? Yes. Do people get themselves killed there? Yes.

I am a retired High school teacher from that town. Did I see any/all of these things listed above? NO! Did I see the results of being involved with drugs/crime? Yes.

What’s the difference? I don’t do drugs, don’t commit crimes, and don’t frequent areas where these activities occur.

The mainstream news portrays Mexico, in its entirety, as an outlaw nation. I give you my word that I’d rather be lost in the Yucatan Peninsula than anywhere else in the world.

My friends and acquaintances often question me about the drug issues along the border. Yes there exists a problem but from Detroit to Brownsville, Texas it is 1397 miles and 1269 miles from Matamores to Cancun, Mexico. Close enough to call it a dead heat.

Now I live 65 miles north of Detroit. Detroit’s rep is not a good one and I am no thug! In fact we’re going to see Mamma Mia in a month or so down there in the thick of Detroit!

I love to point out to people that we are just as far from the US/Mex. Border here north of Detroit as we are in Yucatan and what happens there is as far removed as it is for us here in Michigan.

Last night, Bill O’Rielly, on Fox News, declared, again, that it was too dangerous to go to Cancun for spring break. I was infuriated that he did this. This is not true. Does crime exist? Where not? Are there drug issues? Not if you don’t do drugs!

Bottom line is that I always ask/interview the local taxi drivers and their typical responses are that if you’re looking for drugs than you will find them along with the related problems. If you’re there for legal fun you will never see the illegal issues.

Sort of reminds me of home in the thumb of Michigan!

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