Yucatan Travel by Bus: Travel from Cancun to Merida

When in Yucatan travel by bus can inexpensively be done by taking the ADO Platino (Silver) Bus.

When traveling to Mexico Yucatan travel can be an interesting adventure. The cheapest way to go, based on my experience, is to fly into Cancun and the take the A.D.O. to Merida for a quick and scenic trip. The trip across the Yucatan peninsula will take about 4 hours on a first class bus and will cost you about $30-$40.

Save Time and Money on Overall Trip

I know. Right now you're saying why should I add a bus trip to a long day of travel. There's a method to my madness. Flights into Cancun generally arrive around 1:00-2:00pm. They actually can arrive earlier depending how early you desire leaving your home airport. Personally, I would take the earliest flight with the earliest arrival time.

Taking the ADO can actually be faster since you will most likely wait several hours to take the flight to Merida and will arrive well into the evening and well past the arrival time of the ADO bus. Cancun is too far from the airport, and too expensive to take taxi, to make it worth leaving the airport.

Here’s How To See Yucatan Travel by Bus - The A.D.O.

As you leave Immigration and clear Customs, you will go to the right past the money exchange booths. I suggest that you use the ATM and exchange money. The rate is better and the ADO booth will expect cash. Go to the ADO booth and buy your tickets from the Airport to the ADO central terminal and also your tickets to Merida. Problem! If you arrive on a very early flight the booth may not be open.

ADO also has a direct van service that goes directly to the Fiesta Americana Hotel. Actually the bus station is across the street from the hotel.

Either way, whether you bought your ticket or not, go outside to the right past the beer bar. The ADO parking area is the first space. It is not well marked but there is a small stand marked ADO. Leave someone there to wait for the bus since it will not stop if someone is not waiting. Go back to the beer bar and make your purchases. Don’t worry, they accept Dollars.

Should you miss the bus, negotiate a price for your group to the ADO Centro Terminal. Yes a taxi will cost you more but it may be worth it for several reasons.

* You have spent a lot of money to get here. Is it worth $10 to wait maybe hours for a bus?

* The bus runs odd times in the early morning. Again, what is your time worth?

* Taxi prices are negotiable! They make no money sitting around so if you’re not in too much of a hurry they’ll negotiate.

* There are direct taxis/vans that leave the airport directly to Merida with one stop midway. This is faster if you don’t need bathroom breaks. You’ll have to ask outside for a taxi trip to Merida and negotiate a price. I think I’d stick with the ADO.

* You’ll have a choice between the downtown bus station, called C.A.M.E., and the Fiesta Americana Hotel in Merida. It depends where you’re staying or meeting someone. We like the Fiesta Americana for its ease to get to and set up reservations for our return.

* You do have the choice of going on a cheaper bus that leaves every 1/2 hour but we found them to be not too conducive to our 6 foot plus frames. We did take this bus at Easter since we arrived about 9:30 am and the Platino/Silver (luxury bus) did not leave until 2:00pm, about the time we arrived on the cheaper bus. This bus was nowhere near as comfortable but time/vacation time is money!

* Finally you can rent a car for your use while in Yucatan and have the mobility to do and go when you want if your pocketbook allows.

In Yucatan travel by bus can get you anywhere you want to go. On average most people in Yucatan travel by bus during their daily life. It is economical and generally efficient!

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